Trends in Marble Architecture 2020

Trends in Marble Architecture 2020

As we just passed mid 2020, architectural trends are becoming more evident and more defined by the day. We have seen and expect a rage of diversity this year with trends and designs concocting a little bit of everything, which is excellent news! Even though 2019 is long behind us, those among us that love white, sustainable, modern-rustic trends can be at ease; these are here to stay this year as well. For those of us that are feeling adventurous and want to mix it up, this year, in particular, is looking exciting.

The Bold and the Bright
If you love bold and bright, you sure are going to love this year. Bold lines, eccentric tiles and risky combinations are trendy. We have certainly seen a rise in the use of mix-and-match floor tiles, wall trimming and wall paint patterns. Inspired by the beautiful modular geometry of the 1930s and 1960s, bright and edgy is in. Keeping in mind that warm tones and natural shades will never go out of style; however, it seems like the time is here to complement them with something a little brighter and bolder!

Closed Open Concept
Closed open concepts seem to be on the rise this year. In the past, we have seen the rise of open-concept homes where the majority of home remodelling projects appeared to incorporate the knocking down of walls to make the spaces more extensive and more integrated. However, in 2020, we seem to be moving back towards segmenting our homes, but in a very new and exciting way. Thus, the arrival of the closed open home concept! This new trend finds creative and innovative ways to segregate spaces and yet retain the airiness of the area. It does this by incorporating freestanding appliances, half-walls, large furniture or free moving buffer partition walls. This is perfect for smaller apartments or homes, as it makes the spaces seem bigger and yet retains the cosiness, we all love.

There is an obvious shift towards simple and small. In conjunction with the closed open concept, we also see the rise in popularity of multi-purpose spaces and furniture. It is all about making small spaces seem bigger and more functional in the year 2020. A large number of people are committed to integrating spaces for a natural flow. The most significant benefit of this is clear, smaller spaces with bigger uses. No longer do we need large rooms for entertaining, as 2020 is filled with conjoined kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and much more, with furniture that can be easily moved to accommodate any event.

Eco-Friendly Designs
We can clearly see that the past year was accompanied by the growth of eco-friendly designs, which is all that the year 2020 is about. We’re seeing the trend in creating spaces with a lower carbon footprint, all without creating an entirely new construction site. This is achieved by transforming large homes and old buildings into apartment complexes or multi-family housing units. Moving forward this year, we expect to see more housing and construction that results in net-zero homes. These are air-tight, insulated, energy-efficient homes that produce just as much renewable energy as they use up natural resources.

Small Doses of Marble
There is no doubt that marble is going to stick around for many more decades to come; however, its application is changing. All marble rooms are going out of style, as many people complain that the room feels too cold for comfort. Rather, trends are showing that people opt for smaller accent pieces in their home improvement projects. By incorporating marble only as accents and statement pieces, it keeps it looking fresh as opposed to stoic or overwhelming.

Many would agree that the only thing better than marble home features is marble furniture. Do not be discouraged by how it sounds. Marble furniture tends to look sleek and minimalist rather than distracting and outdated. Most importantly, tables of all types benefit marble tabletops. Whether it be living room end tables, long dining room tables and even countertops, all look absolutely beautiful with a touch of marble. Marble is mostly used in bathrooms, kitchens and lobby spaces, but marble accented furniture allows you to bring cohesive accent pieces throughout the house. Marble floors and walls will surely be too much for a dining hall, but a long sleek marble dining table certainly isn’t! Marble pieces and finishes are modern, timeless and chic, making them a stylish choice for your home.

Wall Slabs
Contradicting our last statement about using marble in small doses, wall slabs are very much the hype in the year 2020. Marble comes, quite literally in every colour and design. Converting one wall of a room into an accent wall by using coloured marble wall slabs is not only a bold move, but it’s also absolutely stunning! One should opt for a light base with warm streaks, like crema delicato or rose marble. Bright colours like, pink, orange, light brown and deep purple accents add to the warmth of a room, which balances out how stoic marble is. Warm-toned wall slabs add a certain elegance and strength to space without taking away from its welcoming qualities. This can also allow you to take accent pieces to the next level by matching pillows, blankets and seat covers to your wall.

If your mind is set on marble floors, consider adding them to smaller spaces in the house. Foyers, guest bedrooms and bathrooms are an excellent place to start. Foyers are essentially formal in nature, and adding marble flooring only adds to it. It is effortless to clean and maintain in high traffic areas, and it also anchors the entryway to your home by making a statement as people enter. Additionally, bathrooms offer an excellent space for marble floors. Especially in the case of guest bathrooms, it creates a feeling of luxury that the guest will most definitely appreciate and adore. Thus, marble flooring is a great idea, but more so if used in some specific spaces of your home.