Why do you not provide prices on your website?

We do not provide pricing because prices will vary according to amount needed, exact specifications, availability, season, and production capacity. Every single offer is tailor made to guarantee full customer satisfaction. A sample price guidance can be found in our facebook shop: https://facebook.com/kallisthos/shop.

What about the pictures on your website?

There are three categories of images on our website:

  1. Stock images: Stock images are only used on the first page (home page) of our website, and on some of the BLOG pages, where you can see the Taj Mahal, and other famous buildings around the globe – all using natural stone. We purchased the licence to use them. Not all of these images, however, are stock images. Some of them we took ourselves.
  2. Icons: Images used for navigation or to emphasise or decorate the page layout. These icons are either our own or used from official sources where we link to other pages such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  3. All other pictures, such as product pictures, or accompanying images: We took them ourselves, or we have been granted permission by our suppliers to use them. No product picture whatsoever is a stock image.
Are your stones genuine?

All our stones are natural, authentic, and genuine. All tiles and slabs offered are produced in and originate from the country listed.

What about the colours of the stones?

The actual colour of the stones can vary somewhat from the pictures, this is due to both the fact that each block of natural stone is unique and unlike any other and the fact that electronic devices represent colours in many different ways. Nevertheless you can expect the actual product to look very much like it is being depicted on our site.

Have you really been there?

Yes. We have visited every single factory we purchase from in person. We believe that personal, face to face contact is paramount to guarantee a successful business relationship between us and our suppliers. Our suppliers adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, production quality, and business ethics, and we are proud to distribute their products.

I need different dimensions and/or finishings...

Please do get in touch – we will most certainly be able to supply any reasonable dimension and feasible finishing as part of our custom cut service!

Shipping costs

It is difficult to estimate shipping costs in advance, however, all our quotes include an item for expected shipping costs, too. On the other hand, shipping within Vienna will be free of charge from a contract value of EUR 2.500 (incl. VAT), within Austria from EUR 5.000 (incl. VAT), provided truck access is reasonably easily possible.