Thasian Marble

Thasian Marble

Even Seneca already praised the marble from the island of Thasos in Greece, naming it “marmor Thasium”.

The marble from Thasos has been quarried since the 5th century BC, and is often pure white and coarse-grained, with resplendent crystals. The location makes it easy to be transported by ship, and the blocks to be obtained can be of considerable size.

A specific characteristic is that these white marbles are of dolomitic nature, making them somewhat more durable and resistant to acid attacks. At the same time, calcitic Thasian marbles are also available, being quarried in other locations and featuring a more greyish white, sometimes veined, colour pattern.

Thasian marble has a wide range of uses: Cladding, tiles, and linings, as well as decorative and monumental applications such as sarcophagi and statues.

Political instability forced the closure of marble extraction in the 7th century, and they remained closed for an extended period until commercial exploitation recommenced late in the 20th century.

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