Statuario Marble Carrara

Statuario Marble Carrara

White marble is known for its inspiration of purity and its ability to give even a small dark room an open and light feel. It is the ideal marble to use in confined spaces and is one of the most recommended colours of marble by architects and interior decorators alike.

White marble on its own gives a very luxurious feel but fortunately can be combined with other types of marbles as well. It works well with neutral tones such as creams, greys and blacks, as well as some eye-catching colours. It is combined with brighter colours to lighten the sharpness and soften it for the ambience of the room. It is available in various types from all around the world, one of which is the white Statuario marble, arguably one of the most famous white marbles, from the city of Carrara in Italy. Even those who don’t know the name can easily recognise it from pictures.

White Statuario Marble from Carrara, Italy
Statuario Marble is one of the most famous white marbles around the world. It is quarried in the mountains above the city of Carrara and has been used in sculpture making and other decorative works since the Roman Era. It has a crystalline and luminous structure, which allowed artists such as Michelangelo to express their genius through it.

The History of White Statuario Marble
Previously it was used for decoration, sculpture making and some notable monuments such as the Temple of Proserpina, The Pantheon, Trajan’s Column and the Column of Marcus Aurelius, all very important buildings and monuments indicating the rich history of Italy and highlighting the significance of this marble. The world-famous sculpture of David by Michelangelo was made using white Statuario marble. Its demand and use in building luxury monuments were not limited to Italy. It was used to make Marble Arch, Victoria Memorial and the King Edward VII Memorial in the UK, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Dubai, and the Prem Mandir in India among many more. It has been a staple for the construction of some of the most notable buildings in history.

The Appearance
It is a more exclusive white marble stone with distinct grey and gold veining across the surface, giving it a very bold pattern. It is also available in thick bold grey veining on its surface. Due to the light tones, it will provide elegance and represent purity in the room it is installed in.

The Application
It is ideal for use in indoor applications such as on kitchen countertops and for backsplashes. It is used on bathroom vanities and floor tiles. This marble is not an ideal type for use in outdoor applications.

The Maintenance
White marble is prone to staining – but following specific guidelines can help in its maintenance such as using a seal protective coat on the marble, which prevents it from losing colour and making it stain-proof. Other measures include abstaining from vinegar or citrus products on the marble, which can etch the marble and avoiding using strong or acid-based cleansers for cleaning the marble.