Famous Marble Landmarks

Famous Marble Landmarks

From the first time it was discovered to today, marble is one of the most commonly used stones in exterior and interior designing. Marble has specific properties that make it the number one building material choice for those who can afford it. It is created when limestone undergoes intense pressure under the surface of the earth for an extended period.

Marble has some of the most stunning aesthetics a natural stone could have, which is the main reason it is so sought after. However, not only is it beautiful, but marble is also strong and durable, which is why it is ideal as a building material. Let’s cover some of the most famous landmarks that were made almost entirely out of marble – details of some are covered on their own respective page.

The Taj Mahal (India)
This mausoleum hardly needs an introduction, famous all across the globe for its astounding architectural feats the Taj Mahal is one of the most famous landmarks to exist. The exterior domes and towers that are the signature look of the Taj Mahal are entirely made out of exquisite marble, and the interior marble walls are lined with other precious stones as well to give it that extra shine from the inside. To accomplish this marvel, artisans from all over the empire were brought together and tasked to complete the emperor’s tribute to his favourite wife.

The Pantheon (Rome)
The Pantheon was a Roman temple built in the heart of Rome and was dedicated to the Gods of Roman culture. Naturally, a building made for all the Gods had to also have an almost God-like look to it; and the Romans did not fail to deliver. The Pantheon has stunning marble walls and floors, from interior to exterior. The floor of the structure also has beautiful geometric designs carved into it to give it the extra touch it needed.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque (United Arab Emirates)
After its completion in 2007, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque became one of the most important places of worship in all of UAE. It brought together Muslims from all over the world with its grand size and majestic look. The courtyard in the mosque can be considered as one of the largest marble mosaics in the world. It also has numerous pillars which are lined with mother of pearl to give it a truly exquisite look and earn its place as one of the most famous landmarks in the world made almost entirely out of marble.

The Washington Monument
This monument is considered as the world’s tallest stone structure, and it was made entirely out of marble. It’s simple design and beauty is what makes the structure so famous, and it also changes colour close to halfway up the monument. This is because its construction got delayed in the middle and the marble used before and after the delay was different. However, upon completion and to this day, it stands tall and proud as one of the most famous landmarks on earth, made completely out of marble.If you’re looking to turn your house into a famous monument as well then, you’ve come to the right place! With an array of different natural stones to choose from, there is no stopping you from converting your home into the natural stone paradise you want it to be.