Historical Applications of Marble

Historical Applications of Marble

Marble is one of the oldest and most amazing stones to be used in the market to date. Starting from ancient Rome and Greece to the present day, marble is widely used across the world and has a multitude of different applications. Some of these applications are relatively new such as kitchen tops and being used for interior decorations, but the marble has been around for centuries and has left more than just a mark on this planet.

Marble is categorized as a metamorphic stone that is created when limestone is subjugated to intense pressure under the surface of the earth for prolonged periods. In ancient times, it was difficult to mine marble as humanity only had the most basic of tools to extract the stone from the earth. However, humanity couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous stone! Despite being such a difficult commodity to obtain, marble was one of the most widely used natural stone amongst even the Roman and Greeks. Here are some of the applications of marble throughout history.

Roman and Greek Architecture
The Romans and Greeks would mainly use marble for all of their structures and buildings due to its aesthetic beauty. Almost every building and structure standing was built entirely out of marble; another factor that helped aid this was the resilience of the stone. Different kinds of marble had varying levels of hardness; some would be used to make buildings while others would be used to make statues and monuments. Coloured marble at the time would be used to create eye-catching tile flooring.

Marble is a porous stone and is considered „soft“, which means that it is easy to etch or carve into the stone without harming the overall structural integrity. This property of marble made it the perfect stone to use for all the sculptures and statues. The Romans and Greeks would make statues and sculptures of their Gods and Goddesses entirely out of marble.

Famous Landmarks
A lot of people fail to realize this, but there are several famous landmarks, buildings and monuments that were made almost entirely out of marble. Due to its long-lasting nature and aesthetic beauty, marble is the go-to option for having something that looks elegant yet also durable. To name a few landmarks, the Taj Mahal is almost purely built out of ivory-white marble. The Washington Monument is made out of three different kinds of marble. The United States spent over 40 million dollars to erect the structure of the Supreme Court Building, which is wholly made out of marble. Even one of the most massive domes in the world, The Pantheon, was built out of marble and still stands to this day where people visit and take in the sights of the extraordinary monument.

Marble has been around for centuries, and its uses still haven’t diminished. Instead, it has evolved along with the times and found more universal applications in today’s world. Browse through our multitude of marble options and see what purpose it can have for you!