Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble

Marble is an all-time favourite natural stone used by many architects, sculptors and artists to enhance the beauty of any space. This luxurious stone is famous for its royal status throughout history and has been used as flooring of monuments, cathedrals and palaces, decoration of building facades and carving of famous sculptures.

Marble origins lie in Marine Organisms. When they die, they leave calcite-rich shells. As water bodies evaporate, these remains form limestone which later gets buried under tons of rocks and converted into Marble with the help of intense pressure and heat by metamorphosis. Only Marble formed from purest limestone is the white Marble, which is the main characteristic of Carrara.

Carrara marble is one of the light-coloured marbles with grey veining and shiny grains. The patterning of this Marble is usually feathery and soft.

Did you know?
Carrara marble has been praised since Roman Civilization. In 1506, Michelangelo inherited a block of Marble from the quarry of Carrara and created the most iconic sculpture ‘David’, which is still present roughly 100kms from Florence, Italy: one of the most admired statues of renaissance time. It was his most favourite Marble, and he wasn’t alone; Leonardo De Vinci invented a marble cutting machine. Carrara Marble is also used in the Pantheon and Trajan’s Column in Rome.

Carrara Marble Usage:
Carrara Marble is used in construction, sculptures, interior and decoration, both for residential and commercial purposes. It is most adored as tiles, pavers and slabs. This Marble can be used as polished, honed or tumbled in countless ways.

Carrara Marble Tiles:
Carrara marble tiles can be used as the flooring of corridors, bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, bathroom and shower areas. The tiles can also be used for decoration in the interior spaces such as fireplaces and bathroom walls.

Carrara Marble Pavers:
Marble pavers are mainly used for exteriors such as patios, gazebos, fountains, pathways, stairways and courtyards. These are also used for covering fire pits and retaining walls.

Carrara Marble Slabs:
Marble slabs have two main applications, i.e. stair treads and kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Carrara stone can be preserved for a more extended period through regular maintenance, sealing, polishing and repairing if needed. This Marble can make any space look exquisite – though it can come with a hefty price tag compared to other marble types.