Calacatta Marble


Marble has been used in homes for centuries. It has made a comeback in recent years in modern architecture because of the addition of luxury and elegance to the home that marble brings.

When thinking of luxurious marble, the most common kind of marble that comes to mind is either the Calacatta marble or white Statuario marble. Calacatta Marble is the epitome of luxury and is in demand for its features throughout the world.

This article is a quick guide on key facts you need to know about the luxurious Calacatta marble. 

The origins of Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Marble originates from the quarries in the Apuan mountains in Carrara, Italy. There are a vast number of quarries that produce different kinds of marble. Statuario and Calacatta are just the most famous and well known ones. The Borghini Quarry is one of the oldest in the area producing one of the best Calacatta marbles and can be traced back to the glory days of the Roman Empire.

The Appearance

Calacatta marble has a clearer and more distinctive appearance than the Statuario and is available in lesser quantity than the latter. It is more a rare marble due to which it is considered more luxurious and is consequently more expensive.

Calacatta marble often has a pure white background, with dramatic and bold grey and gold veining. It also rarely follows the linear pattern of most marbles. It is the perfect choice for those wanting to add opulence to their homes or a bold look that is easily achieved thanks to its large and thick patterns.

Calacatta is mostly available in the shade of white or grey but can also be found in the shades of green, blue, gold, or violet and can be paired easily with other marbles, neutrals or otherwise. 

The Applications

Due to the classical and luxurious feel, it is used in both residential and commercial applications such as elegant flooring, on countertops and backsplashes. It can be combined with light or dark coloured woods as well and has been used in architectural elements to help downplay certain pieces. Its natural beauty and aura makes it an eyecatcher everywhere it is applied.   

Types of Calacatta Marble

The Calacatta marble is subdivided into more types. The Calacatta Gold has intricate veining that is used for detailing. Calacatta Lincoln has more extensive bold veining used to highlight the striking appearance of the marble. Calacatta Viola and Calacatta Macchia Vecchia have rich cabernet tones and gold and taupe tones respectively.

Calacatta marble might not be sold as often as the Stauario marble or others, however, to give a home or building a feeling of luxury there are few marbles that are better suited, if any at all. With the varieties present in it, you can most certainly find one to fit your aesthetic needs.